Uncover the Fabric That Will Re-Define Your Space

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When looking at the four blank walls in an un-defined space, it can be difficult and somewhat frustrating to imagine what the finished product will look like.  Getting started on a new project can be a tedious task.  However, with the right inspiration, you can make that blank canvas into your own personal masterpiece in no time.

A simple way to select a colour scheme for a room in your home is to start with a fabric you love!  A patterned textile will showcase colours that complement each other.   Once the appropriate fabric and colour are chosen, the rest is easy.  Use the fabric’s colour and style as a base style for the rest of the space.

Belle Maison’s Julie Thigpen (www.bellemaison23.com) put together a “Décor Inspiration Vignette” that I absolutely love.  The inspiration behind her     design came from the Amy Butler fabric (Nigella Twill Water Lotus Forest) at the top left.

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Resources: 1) Fabric Amy Butler Nigella Twill Water Lotus Forest – $14.98/yd; 2) Devon Mirror – $149; 3) Santee Sioux Pillow – $54; 4) Gold Festival Pillow – $128; 5) Jasper Table Lamp – $535; 6) Cinchwaist Iron/Glass Table (Arteriors Home); 7)Savoir Chair in Sangria Fabric – $899; 8) Jacqui White Chest – $1,525

In terms of some tips and key points to keep in mind, remember the following:

  • When dealing with large furniture pieces such as the sofa, they are best upholstered in light, muted tones.
  • Select a neutral hue from the palette of colours and punch it up with a bold colour on an accent chair with throw pillows in a selected patterned fabric.
  • Another neutral hue in the fabric is often great for wall colour.  Whether it’s rich or muted, this colour will translate well into a large area as it is neutral and will showcase unique items in the room.
  • A classic chair can be brought to life using a bold colour from the fabric, such as hot pink or peacock blue just as Belle Maison did.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment!  Colour and pattern will bring other elements of the space to life.  Mix and match to create a room that defines you and expresses your personality. Discover the hidden potential your space has to offer, based on one simple fabric!

By Kiersten Lowden
Custom Home Interiors

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How Sunshine Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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A post by Custom Commercial Interiors

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When most people think of a roof, it’s mainly seen as that space above their heads that protects them from the elements.  It’s protective and essential, yet other than that, does it really serve any other purpose?

Well it can.

It can even make you money.


With the passing of the Green Energy Act in May of 2009, solar energy has been prioritized by the Ontario Government and programs to support a wide range of projects are in high gear.  Custom Commercial Interiors (CCI) has teamed up with solar developer Advanced Solar Investments (ASI) to offer this great opportunity to building owners in the Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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ASI is interested in leasing unusable roof space for the purpose of installing their patented solar PV panels.  Lease rates are based on a per square foot per year term of 20 years.  Any person or business can install a solar array system and participate in the program.
  • A solar system requires about 100 square feet of area per kilowatt
  • Systems can be installed on any rooftop or unused piece of land
  • Contracts can be applied through direct ownership or leasing options

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The best part about working with ASI is their patented racking design enhances product performance in Canada like no other.  The Solion SunMount eliminates many installation concerns of commercial buildings and has a proven record for reliability and safety.   The system has over 5 years of engineering and design testing behind it and has already been installed across Britain and Europe.

-Suzy Kendrick

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