Happy Holidays from Custom Home Interiors

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A few of the Custom Home Interiors team members (+ 1 furry friend) got together to show our festive spirit this holiday season. We practiced really really hard and we hope that you will enjoy this short video. Just sit back and enjoy.

From everyone at Custom Home Interiors, we would like to wish our friends and partners a joyous holiday season and best wishes for 2011.

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Custom Home Interiors is proud to announce the “Next Stage” of Home Staging!

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Just imagine…. you have to stage a condo, quickly.

Do you rent a moving truck, hire movers and move a bunch of bulky furniture into the space?  Do you pile it all in the back of your own vehicle?

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Or, do you place an entire living room set neatly into the trunk of your car?

With Next Stage Furniture, you can carry an entire living room set in your car, bring it into the house and set it up yourself all in 15-20 minutes! This innovative furniture is designed to simplify your life by dramatically reducing the time and cost it takes to stage homes, apartments and condos on the real estate market!

Custom Home Interiors is pleased to be an authorized distributer of Next Stage Furniture! These products utilize corrugated fibreboard materials and upholstery grade slip covers, which allows the furniture to be extremely light weight and store flat. The furniture is lab tested to hold up to 1000 lbs, making it safe for an average person to sit on it.

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Tried, tested and true, this product gives potential home buyers a very good idea of how fantastic a space can be with little effort and cost on your part. The slip covers can be custom made so it fits into your style of staging and looks quite realistic. Add some throw pillows and make it your own style.

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Next Stage furniture put to good use – Accent chairs by the table and the love seat

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Complete Next Stage Living Room – Sofa, Oversized chair and Ottoman

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All the furniture in both the living and dining room is Next Stage furniture.  Spruce it up and look at how good it looks!

Here at Custom Home Interiors, we have several pieces of Next Stage furniture in our showroom. Come in for a demonstration as to how easy it is to set it up, take it down and pack it up for transportation. Purchase your very own set of Next Stage furniture from us and get started using this amazing innovative furniture!

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Mandalyn Goodall
Custom Home Interiors Sales & Design Representative – Member Division

Bathroom Renovations – From “Overlooked” to “Incredible”

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The bathroom is often one of the most outdated areas in the home as it is not a highly visible area.  But by tearing down the outdated wall paper and updating those mustard yellow fixtures, the value of your home can increase significantly.  So why not unveil the hidden potential that exists in your bathroom!

Minding your budget, you can choose to renovate your bathroom in one go, or work on it in stages. Either way, here are some helpful tips to make the most out of your bathroom space!

• The variety available in tiles today is endless.  Ditch the linoleum and install a beautiful porcelain tile for the floor, such as the one seen below.  This tile has the look of a linen suit, gorgeous and unique!

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• A fresh coat of paint goes a long way!  Think “spa atmosphere” and work with muted colours.  Some of my favorites from C2 include “Seraph”; a pale, soft grey, and “Parchment”; a warm fawn shade.

• Replacing the fixtures will make a huge difference.  The standard builder fixtures do not add any “sparkle” to your bathroom.  Consider the two sink faucets below.  Which one would you choose?

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standard builder Fixture

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
“Dryden” Faucet by Delta

Lighting can make a world of difference in the bathroom!  A chic pot light in the shower and over head vanity light complemented by simple wall sconces make it easier to see when shaving or applying makeup.

• Small details and accessories go a long way, adding a sensible and aesthetically pleasing touch.  A stylish teak bench in the shower, glass apothecary jars on the vanity and a storage unit for towels marry practical and pretty!

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Image courtesy of: hyggenook.com

The bathroom should be a retreat.  Update this space to make the most of it now for your own use and to attract potential buyers for the future!  If you are considering a bathroom renovation in your own home, visit Custom Home Interiors Showroom & Design Center to “ignite your imagination”!

Say it with me, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

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Kiersten Lowden
Custom Home Interiors

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