Sarah Kidder Spots 5 Design Trends for 2017

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With the end of the year just days away, I thought it would be fun to take stock of what clients have been asking for recently, what the design magazines are featuring, and what I am seeing at buyer’s markets and in retail stores, and made the the following design trend predictions for the coming year.

1. Interiors Follow Fashion

It’s well known that home fashion trends follow the runway, and 2017 is no exception. Fashion predictions for 2017 include an eclectic mix of styles. Rather than a single decade for vintage resurgence, we saw several — 70’s ruffles and stripes, 80’s neon colours, and the 90’s dark “lipsticked”, denim-clad grunge. No doubt you’ve already seen girls with burgundy-black lipstick everywhere lately. Burgundy is already gaining popularity in the retail fashion market and I expect to see it hit home fashions big time by fall 2017. Overall, I anticipate a ‘free-for-all-no rules’ approach when it comes to mixing patterns, colours and textures. The bigger, bolder, and more unexpected, the better.

Photo by Ivan DeGonzalez, High Point Market Fall 2016

2. Coloured Cabinets

I think we’re all a little tired of ultra-common off white or dark wood cabinets so let’s welcome a new age of COLOUR! Thanks to websites like Pinterest and Houzz, clients are more aware of the possibilities when it comes to kitchen and bathroom design and seeing coloured cabinets gives them the courage to step out of their comfort zones in favour of something they truly love. In the last year, I’ve used a variety of colours for kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. They tend to fall into soft blues, greens, and grays, as these all work as neutrals in softer schemes as well as in ones with pops of bolder colours.

My favourite non-whites for kitchen cabinets: Benjamin Moore Soft Chinchilla, Heather Gray, Sharkskin, Stormy Monday

My favourite non-whites for bathroom vanities: Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray, Kendall Charcoal, Gray Wisp, Evening Dove.

3. Rose Gold…sort of

Pantone’s 2016 Colour of the Year was Rose Quartz, and while their 2017 pick is a gorgeous fern green, I’m seeing a more subdued version of 2016’s colour which I expect will carry into 2017. The new rose gold is popping up as a metal in accent tables and lighting, and in textiles and artwork. It’s more mature than the cleaner rose quartz running into either a copper or smokey lavender with muted, peach or dusky mauve undertones, and often used together.


Photo credit to Misty McFadden, Honor Thy Home at High Point Market Fall 2016

4. Bold, Saturated Colours

Please, no more greige! 2017 is the year to go big, or go home! Rich, saturated wall colours and fabrics rule in jewel tones, Indian spice hues, and deep rich navies and charcoals. Pile on multiple bold colours and you’ve got a space that is dramatic, layered, sophisticated, and most importantly, fun!


Photo credit to Misty McFadden, Honor Thy Home

5. Fretwork Furniture

I’m loving this trend, and although I feel like this could be a lot of extra dusting, it’s a really interesting way to jazz up an otherwise staid piece of furniture. The potential patterns, materials and opportunities are endless; from modern lines and geometric motifs, to ornate curlicues, floral, and ethnic patterns.


Photo credit to Misty McFadden, Honor Thy Home

So go forth and design your home the way you want, with all the pattern, colour, and texture your heart desires. The only rule for interior design in 2017 is that there are no rules.

Have fun and happy designing!


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