EGLO Lighting Saves Energy and Money

As we celebrate Earth Month in April, the team here at Custom Home Interiors wants to cast a light on some of our favourite suppliers, who are leading the way in sustainable development and environmental protection, in addition to designing products that we love.

EGLO is one of the global leaders in decorative lighting solutions for residential purposes. They are a trendsetter on the mass market with numerous patents and new products every year. We choose many of their LED lighting products for our projects because in addition to being beautifully designed, they save on energy and money and avoid using hazardous substances like mercury.

Sustainable development and environmental protection are central to the vision and values of EGLO. Their products are made using only recyclable and environmentally friendly materials and as little packaging as possible; and used packaging is disposed of properly, and according to regulations.

The company headquarters are located in Pill, Austria. It is heated by an environmentally-friendly pellet heating system and lit mainly by LED lighting which saves additional energy. They have updated the insulation of all older buildings to the state of the art, and in the new buildings, they pay special attention to the energy balance. A decentralized warehousing system means that transportation distances are as short possible to help reduce their environmental footprint even further.

By designing products with LED technology and championing environmental protection, EGLO is encouraging customers all over the world to reduce their environmental impact as well. LED light bulbs are energy efficient and long lasting, which means customers save on energy and money, while also preserving valuable resources and eliminating the use of hazardous substances like mercury.

Custom Home Interiors loves EGLO products and the company’s values. We feel good about using their products and know that our clients and the planet will benefit from us choosing EGLO.

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