Meet the CHI Team’s David Skinner

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David SkinnerName: David Skinner

Job title: Operations Coordinator

Number of years working with CHI:

1 year in April 2016

What did you study in school?

I am currently completing a Computer Science degree at Carleton University.

What is your favourite room in a home and why?

My favourite room would be the living room or entertainment room because I love sitting down with family or a group of friends and having a shared experience, whether it be watching a movie or playing a game.

If you could only have one appliance in your kitchen, what would it be and why?

My one appliance would have to be a dishwasher because without it my roommates would fill our kitchen with dirty dishes. I don’t mind doing dishes, but without a dishwasher it would be like a second job in our house.

What is your most memorable CHI project to date?

I have been working with CHI for a little less than a year now as the Operations Coordinator. The first large project that I was able to work on from start to finish was the Minto 185 project. I was partially in charge of the installation team, so in addition to installing the appliances, I was assisting in project management. It was a great learning experience for me, and I look forward to working on more projects from conception through to completion, then being able to step back at the end and appreciate all the hard work that went into the final product.

Minto 185

After we completed our installations at Minto 185, it was very rewarding walking through a finished suite and seeing the appliances shining in their new homes. With the addition of the window coverings, which CHI also installed at Minto 185, I believe we really helped the suites stand out.

Custom Home Interiors works with industry professional to provide leading edge furniture, appliances, home automation, fireplaces, window treatments and fittings for commercial and residential projects.

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The Benefits of High Quality Home Furnishings

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The home furnishing industry has started trending towards high-end, locally-made furnishings once again. Over the past several years, free trade agreements with low-wage markets and big-box stores have created a speedy shift towards fast furnishings at lower prices. Although these products and partners still have a role to play in the overall mix of interior design, Canadian businesses and customers have learned that the initial investment in high-quality furnishings really pays off in the long term.

skyline_wandcord_livingroom_3Custom Home Interiors has always purchased our core items from local manufacturers. High-quality upholstery, furniture, appliances, and accessories from great Canadian manufacturers like Trica, Huppé, JLM Furniture, and Superstyle help us to deliver the quality that our clients and partners have come to expect, all while offering competitive pricing.
Frankly, for us supporting other Canadian companies is just good business. We believe that offering superior, locally-made products gives our business and our clients’ a competitive advantage. We are able to maintain quality control that just isn’t possible with suppliers overseas, ensuring the best in modern design, materials, as well as adherence to national building requirements and standards.

Well-made products also last longer, which is more cost effective than replacing cheap ones every couple of years and sending the used ones to landfills. Purchasing locally-made, quality furnishings also has another environment benefit in that the distance the final product has to travel is dramatically reduced thereby decreasing its carbon footprint.

All of this enables our clients to deliver a consistently superior experience with furnishings that actually increase the appeal of the space, and clearly demonstrate that they value their customers, which is the key to turning them into repeat business and referral sources.

To find out more about our leading edge furniture, appliances, home automation and fittings for commercial and residential projects, contact our team. Whether you are working on a restaurant, a commercial lobby, a retirement home or building a neighbourhood of custom homes, we can provide innovative solutions and award-winning customer service that will exceed your expectations.

Custom Home Interiors works with industry professional to provide leading edge furniture, appliances, home automation, fireplaces, window treatments and fittings for commercial and residential projects.

We publish a quarterly newsletter containing links to bi-monthly blog posts & other relevant industry news. Subscribe to our quarterly newsletter.

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Make a Big Impact in a Small Way: Simple Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift Without Breaking the Bank!

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Renovating a kitchen is no easy task.  It can be time consuming and expensive!  But, with the right information and your imagination, you can position yourself to save a lot of money for when that big day arrives.

Here are a few quick tips on how to make the most out of your kitchen renovations:

Re-stain, re-face or re-finish your cabinets

Give your kitchen a simple facelift!  Changing the look without having to replace them entirely is a great way to save money and still give your kitchen that new feel. It is best that you hire a professional to do this for you to ensure that it is done correctly.

Update your cabinetry hardware

Updating your cabinetry hardware is a simple and inexpensive way to liven up your kitchen.  For chic, modern cabinets, try a long pull handle to give your kitchen a sleek look. For a traditional kitchen, try to select hardware with a bronze or nickel finish to maintain it’s overall look and feel.

Add or change your outdated light fixtures

Lighting is a great way to accentuate the ambience in a space. Lighting adds warmth and creates a welcoming environment for guests and a wonderful workspace for the whole family to enjoy. Pendant lights over top of an island are a great way to add that extra little twinkle.

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Modernize your kitchen backsplash

Changing your kitchen backsplash from the drab plain white builder’s grade tiles will definitely give your kitchen new life.  For a modern kitchen, mosaic glass tiles are a popular choice.  For a traditional style kitchen, try a tumbled marble or travertine to give your kitchen the texture and warmth to create an elegant space.

Add new window treatments

Window treatments are a great way to dress up a kitchen and can add texture, pattern and colour. Custom Home Interiors works with the extensive line of Hunter Douglas products to offer beautiful window treatments that are functional and a great addition.

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These few tips will help you save on cash and have your friends envying your gorgeous new space!

Custom Home Interiors Showroom & Design Centre is a great place to start whether you’re just at the “getting ideas” stage or you’re ready to place the order for your new cabinet doors.  We’re here to help by giving you the right information for your kitchen renovation which will make all the difference in cost, style and overall satisfaction.  Come visit us at 2202 Thurston Drive or at 855 Industrial Rd, Ottawa, where our team of representatives will help you tackle that kitchen renovation you’ve always wanted to do!

Kayla Yenson
Custom Home Interiors

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