How Sunshine Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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When most people think of a roof, it’s mainly seen as that space above their heads that protects them from the elements.  It’s protective and essential, yet other than that, does it really serve any other purpose?

Well it can.

It can even make you money.


With the passing of the Green Energy Act in May of 2009, solar energy has been prioritized by the Ontario Government and programs to support a wide range of projects are in high gear.  Custom Commercial Interiors (CCI) has teamed up with solar developer Advanced Solar Investments (ASI) to offer this great opportunity to building owners in the Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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ASI is interested in leasing unusable roof space for the purpose of installing their patented solar PV panels.  Lease rates are based on a per square foot per year term of 20 years.  Any person or business can install a solar array system and participate in the program.
  • A solar system requires about 100 square feet of area per kilowatt
  • Systems can be installed on any rooftop or unused piece of land
  • Contracts can be applied through direct ownership or leasing options

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The best part about working with ASI is their patented racking design enhances product performance in Canada like no other.  The Solion SunMount eliminates many installation concerns of commercial buildings and has a proven record for reliability and safety.   The system has over 5 years of engineering and design testing behind it and has already been installed across Britain and Europe.

-Suzy Kendrick

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CHI Partners Nominated for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

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Did you know that the idea for Custom Home Interiors came from a Carleton University business plan competition just over 4 years ago?

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From left to right (Andrew Emmans, Tyler Dren and Dylan MacNamara)

Passion, perseverance and the drive to succeed.  Three very important characteristics that were instrumental in getting Andrew Emmans, Tyler Dren and Dylan MacNamara where they are today.  These are also traits that Ernst & Young recognizes in the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds in Canadian business and, for the past 2 years, the directors of Custom Home Interiors have been on their radar.

Entrepreneurs are the engineers of Canada’s economy. Their hard work and commitment, despite the natural pitfalls on the road to success, are not only admirable, they’re somewhat rare. These are the men and women who have the energy and enthusiasm to change our economy for the better. They are the trailblazers who lead the way in challenging times.” – Ernst & Young


The Beginning – 2006

  • 1 Builder
  • 2 Model Homes
  • 3 Catalogues (Suppliers)
  • 3 Staff (Andrew, Tyler & Dylan)
  • E-commerce website

Present Day – 2010

  • Servicing a number of builders in Ottawa
  • Model homes all over the city
  • 350 Suppliers
  • 150 Services
  • 8000 sq. ft. Showroom & Design Resource Centre
  • Small fleet of delivery and service vehicles
  • 10 Staff (Andrew, Tyler, Dylan, Dawn, Tim, Michaela, Peter, Amy, Kiersten &  Suzy)

Director of Sales and Marketing Andrew Emmans says the key to CHI’s success so far has been commitment to always taking something away from every business experience, whether positive or negative.  “When faced with adversity, it is important to maintain a positive frame of mind.  Failure is not a word often used in my vocabulary.  I feel a better alternative to failure is LEARN,” he says.  Emmans expresses this opinion to all of the CHI team members and strives to motivate them on a daily basis.

Full Speed Ahead

CHI currently owns 7 other businesses under the Custom Home Interiors and Obvious Advantage Inc. umbrella; Custom Commercial, Bar, Restaurant, Office, Condo and Cottage Interiors.  All are separate businesses and have their individual URLs.  The company plans on developing the other brands over the next few years starting with Custom Commercial Interiors which will be launching in the Fall.

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Good Luck Gentlemen!

– Suzy Kendrick

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