Why Furnished Model Homes Sell Faster Than Empty Model Homes

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Model homes and model suites for new developments provide an important opportunity for builders to generate the most market interest from qualified buyers. In the span of time a potential buyer will spend viewing a model home, the goal is to show them a vision of what their life will be like in that space and convince them to buy into that vision.

An empty model home is bland and uninteresting. The best way to make an impact on a potential buyer with a model home is to clearly define each space with furniture, décor and appliances that give it function and personality. Every room should feel bright, comfortable and inviting so that they can picture moving in mentally.


A furnished room can tell the potential buyer how their own furniture might look in each room by providing perspective and scale. In an empty room, the walls close in, making an empty room appear deceivingly small. This can leave the buyer wondering if their belongings will actually fit.

A the potential buyer processes all of the visual information in the furnished model home, they will spend a much longer time looking at each room compared to an empty room. This will make them more likely to remember and be able to recall the home when comparing it to others. In a competitive market, four walls and a floor just don’t stand out from the crowd.

There is also a large segment of the population that completely lack the ability to look at an empty room and imagine fully decorated space, which is why furnished model homes sell much faster than empty ones. Nobody wants to live and dull empty space, but if they can’t get past that impression than you have lost a potential sale.

Having said all of that, a poorly staged home is far worse than an empty model home. The skill and insight of a professional model home stager is the always the best option for selling your vacant property faster.

Let Custom Home Interiors turn your model home into a vision your customers can buy into. We specialize in providing innovative model home staging solutions at a fraction of the typical retail costs. You won’t have to worry about interior design, product set-up and install, or the cost of keeping your interior up-to-date with the latest trends. We do it all.

Contact us for a consultation and a custom solution today.

Custom Home Interiors works with industry professional to provide leading edge furniture, appliances, home automation, fireplaces, window treatments and fittings for commercial and residential projects.

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De-Decorating Your Home: Setting the Stage for Success!

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You have heard of it. Friends have told you about it. But you still remain skeptical about the very application of it!  It’s Home Staging!

DID YOU KNOW? Research shows that a staged home will not only sell faster, but for more money.

“Home staging is preparing a home for the real estate market by making all necessary repairs and creating a neutral environment that anyone can visualize living in”.  – HGTV

One of the most important things to remember when thinking about staging is – Staging is NOT decorating.  It is the exact opposite of decorating (or de-decorating as I like to call it).  A professional stager will come into your home with an objective eye and inform you what appeals to the current market.  If you’re still living in the space, they will make suggestions as to what needs to be removed from the room and what pictures need to come down.

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Property Stylist and CEO of Capital Home Staging and Design, Kristy Morrison, is an expert in helping her clients get their homes ready to go on the market.  Kristy shared some pretty interesting facts with me:

  • 90% of buyers can NOT envision the potential of the space
  • 86% of buyers are willing to spend a little more money on a home that is “move in ready”
  • Staged homes sell 50% faster and typically for 6-30% MORE money!

Which living room would you rather be in?


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So, what does home staging and Custom Home Interiors have in common?  This is for all you stagers, real estate agents and home owners looking to put their place on the market…

Custom Home Interiors is developing a Home Staging Program!

The best part is, we are going to have tonnes of items for RENT!  What do you need to finish off the living room?  Artwork?  Table Lamps?  You don’t need to go and buy those things.  Just use ours until your home is sold!  We have rows upon rows of accessories, walls full of artwork and even some fibreboard furniture… more about that really cool product in my next blog post.

From the very basics where you’re staging a home and need an artificial plant or a bar height table, we will guide you through every step of the process and ensure that your home looks it’s best for a sale.

By Mandalyn Goodall


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