BERMEX™ Furniture Made in Harmony with the Environment

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As we celebrate Earth Month in April, the team here at Custom Home Interiors wants to sing the praises of some of our favourite suppliers, who are leading the way in sustainable development and environmental protection, in addition to designing products that we love.

BERMEX™ is one of the most important manufacturer of solid wood chairs, tables and bar stools in North America with more than 143 different finishes and colours and more than 190 fabrics and leathers. With five styles of furniture, from contemporary, transitional and traditional to American and French Country, the design options are endless ensuring the furniture we select for our projects has its own distinct look and personality.

Being a wood furniture manufacturer you can understand the crucial role of trees in BERMEX™ business. If the supply should shrink or disappear, their business would be in jeopardy. In order to minimize the chances of this happening, they have championed many initiatives to preserve the environment.

BERMEX™ exclusively uses solid North American birch in the manufacturing of their high-quality furniture. Only the best pieces of this wood−known for its exquisite beauty−are used. To sustain this process and ensure the renewal of this precious resource, BERMEX™ plants one new tree for every tree used in the manufacture of their product.

Because they control everything from the raw wood to the finishing of the furniture in their five factories, every possible effort is made so the wood that is cut away during production of BERMEX™ furniture is used for creating marketing tools or other items.

Residues coming from various products used by the finishing department are 100% recycled by CHEMREC; and shipping processes are structured to minimize carbonic gas emissions as well as fuel consumption.

When Custom Home Interiors chooses BERMEX™, we know that we are choosing products that offer an optimum life span while contributing to protecting our environment for future generations. And, we love that BERMEX™ is a Canadian company, based out of Maskinongé, Québec.

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